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  • Is the price escalation free?

    Yes, the contracted price shall be escalation free, it is subject to standard terms & conditions,.

  • What are the various payment plans available?

    Following payment plans are being offered:

    • Construction Linked Payment Plan
    • Down Payment Plan
    • Assured Return Payment Plan
  • Procedure for Applying online for NRI’s:

    In order to facilitate easy bookings of properties residential or commercial for NRIs, the company, has download the PDF format of application forms for each project so that one could easily apply online. The information asked is easy to understand and requires to be filled in by the applicants. Along with the application, one needs to provide his/her photograph, Address Proof, copy of Passport and PAN card. In case your income is not taxable in India, a plain declaration through a mail could be sent to the marketing representative, with whom the applicant needs to get in touch within the organization, saying that his/her income is not taxable in India. Once all these requisites are completed, the same could be sent online, and the booking amount which usually is 10% of the BSP could be remitted online in the company account. The details of company bank account would be furnished by the market representative after form submission. Once remitting the said amount is complete, the receipt of the remittance is required to be sent to the related market representative for records and easy transaction. The next step of the procedure after the money gets remitted and deposited in our account, is receiving the official receipt issued by the company, and the application for booking the property is logged in.

    After we log in the application for booking, all the necessary information regarding allotment, the signing of agreements, construction updates, demand letters, receipts, etc. are regularly sent at the email address mentioned. It is mandatory for every applicant at K-Rasa.

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